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Telomeres Popular Science Article Bill Andrews

Popular Science magazine in their August 2011 Issue has a feature article entitled “The Man Who Would Stop Time.” about Dr. Bill Andrews.

This Popular Science article covers anti-aging research on telomeres and Dr. Bill Andrews, one if not the foremost researcher on the science of aging. Dr. Bill Andrews has spent his entire life researching the answer to aging, that is why the name of the article is “The Man Who Would Stop Time.” The article also discusses the new Telomeres support product due out soon.

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Telomeres – Aging Support Article in Elle Magazine

The latest August 2011 issue of Elle Magazine has an article about telomeres and telomerase. This is just the latest of the magazines, newspapers and TV news shows to produce an article on telomeres and aging.

Here are just a few of the other news outlets which have discussed aging and the importance of having long telomeres recently.

  • Diane Sawyer and ABC News.
  • Popular Science (August Issue) did an 11 Page article on Bill Andrews and Telomeres
  • NBC Today Show did a feature on Telomere Testing
  • Even the Dilbert Comic Strip mentioned Telomeres recently.

Who will be the next publication or TV show to do a feature on Telomeres, which is fast becoming the hottest health topic. And for good reason, when you think about what the promise of increased telomere support brings. Science has indicated the importance of telomeres and how they make an impact on cell function and longevity.

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