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Bacopa Extract Nutrition Telomere Support

Bacopa extract (bacopa monnieri) – other names Brahmi or water hyssop has been used in India by practitioners of Ayurvedic herbal medicine (or Ayurveda) for many thousands of years.

Bacopa Plant
Bacopa Plant


Many studies have revealed Bacopa to have numerous positive effects on memory, mental function and the ability to retain new information (learning functions) . Bacopa is also along with other plants and botanicals used as a heart and nervous system tonic by Ayurvedic practitioners.

The active ingredient in Bacopa that is responsible  for the many health benefits are named bacosides. Standardized extracts of bacopa are standardized for the bacosides.

Bacopa extracts are reported to produce extensive antioxidant activity inside the brain. This is particularly valuable at protecting brain cells from harmful free radicals. These free radicals can produce potentially harmful damage to cells.

Bacopa extract has also been shown to enhance blood circulation to the brain plus enhance nerve impulse transmission by repairing damaged neurons.

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