Video Telomeres and Being Forever Young

This is a video which shows how a telomere support product is more than just a product. When faced with the loss of a loved one and we can add 10 or 20 years to their life virtually every other product we could market through the internet or network marketing pales in importance. When we’re thinking back on our lives and our influence on others what really matters? Two people were asked, “what are you most proud of in your entire business – marketing career?”

And the first person responded, “As a business person I’ve marketed a number of different products in my life, however I’m most proud of a product that helped people to live a longer and healthier with their loved ones.”

Then the 2nd person was asked “what are you most proud of in your entire business – marketing career?” The 2nd person almost embarrassingly responded, “well I helped people save money on their dental insurance, groceries and gas.”

While there is always a place for saving money, when you’re thinking back on the good things in your life I guarantee you very few people talked about the money they saved on groceries.

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